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Water and Sewer Committee Meeting

April 25, 2024


Madison Charter Township


Water and Sewer Committee Meeting


Posted 4/17/24



The Charter Township of Madison Water and Sewer Committee will meet  Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. in the Township Meeting Room at 3804 S. Adrian Hwy. 


The subject matter and purpose of the meeting is as follows:


  • Review Proposal for Smoke testing of the Sanitary Sewer System in the W. Beecher St. area.
  • Review Engineering Proposal to Develop Design Standards for Water and Sewer System infrastructure.
  • Discussion on engineering reviews of site plans for Residential, Commercial and industrial Developments.
  • Review Proposal to Scan and create a Shape file of the Sanitary Sewer System for Digital accessibility with the DPWs asset management software.
  • update on the WTP project and permitting from EGLE and various other projects that are currently underway.



Janet Moden

Madison Township Clerk

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